Steven helps organizations profit from customer service (and sales) by changing staff behaviour.  He speaks with authority from a position of practical knowledge

The foundation of this expertise comes from many years experience in customer service measurement as founder of a Mystery Shopping Company.  This experience across many industries and thousands of stores is used as the basis for your service improvement.

His style is warm and heartfelt with humour and active audience participation.  He keeps the momentum moving along with his own real life stories, and those of his clients.

Though Steven has a number of standard presentations, he customizes every presentation to address the audience at hand, and adjusts the presentations to match each individual audience.

Steven helps the audience see the big picture both for themselves and for their organizations.  From there, he delivers practical ‘take-home’ changes which can be used every day.

Some more detailed stuff

  • Founder of a Mystery Shopping company employing over 35,000 evaluators.
  • President of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association Asia Pacific
  • Sits on the Board of Football South Coast, managing over 10,000 soccer players.
  • Sits on the Board of a large regional entertainment complex.
  • 15 years experience in Financial Services creating new products, county territories, and distribution.
  • Set up five businesses.
  • Co-authored a book.
  • Presented in Portugal, Turkey, throughout China, Malaysia, and all over Australia.
  • Constant author on customer service through his blog 

And the important things

  • Married to a wonderful wife for 20 years.
  • Father of three awesome children (they are awesome most of the time).
  • An avid mountain bike rider and racer.
  • Political junkie.

The key messages 

Service with Purpose is a methodology, but also, as an attitude.

Steven’s core keynotes include:

Service with Purpose – How to profit from service.

Secret Service – Revealing the secrets of remarkable service.

Sales with Service - How to double revenue in three years – guaranteed!

Steven, can and often tailors keynotes to suit his audience.

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