The work

Steven Di Pietro is a keynote speaker and author as well as real world business manager.

Steven will reveal the truth about your organization for better sales and service.  He looks under rocks to find dangers and hidden gems - the truth.

He is the Founder and Executive Director of Service Integrity Mystery Shopping which uses over 35,000 contractors to evaluate service throughout the country.

Most clients ask Steven one key question, being "What's new in Customer Service and Sales research".  Steven has tapped into some of the best Neuro scientists in the world to take customer service measurement to new levels.

Steven can now help you answer one more key question. "Are we asking the right questions of our customers, and in our surveys". Clearly it's no use measuring things which don't matter to your customers. 

In the Mystery Shopping world, Steven is also past Vice President of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association Globally, and Past President of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association Asia/Pacific.  This role has Steven travelling the world running workshops and helping other Mystery Shopping companies stay at the forefront in their countries.

Steven is also the father of three teenage children and lives in Wollongong NSW.  Talk to Steven about Mystery Shopping or Customer Service, and he'll talk most the day.  Talk to him about Mountain Bikes or Skiing and he'll talk the whole day.

Mystery Shopping Tools

Steven has developed a series of Mystery Shopping tools including:

ROI Calculator - How to calculate the ROI of a Mystery Shopping program

Sales Correlator - How to correlate customer service and Mystery Shopping results to Sales growth

Neuro Segmenter - Neuro segmenting a customer base for more precise measurement

Double income workbook - A workbook formula to help store managers double their income in three years.

Manager improvement program - A six week course to help store managers use Mystery Shopping to improve performance

Thought leadership

He has co-authored a book called Ideas2 which is a collaboration with some of Australia's foremost thinkers.

Steven's association with such leaders is founded on his graduation of Thought Leaders Global.  These ties put Steven in an invidious position to have access to some of the worlds most progressive thinkers.

He is now actively publishing regular articles on customer service and sales through his blog Service with Purpose and writing a book about Mystery Shopping.

His Thought leadership has him presenting to conferences on a variety of topics.  His newest keynote is called "Sex, Lies and Sincerity - The neuroscience of finding the truth about your customers"

Past lives

He previously worked in Banking, both at: 

  • Macquarie Bank where he was a merchant banker creating and launching new mortgage products both in Australia and in the USA, and
  • IMB where he was involved with everything retail, from Accounting to Marketing, and Strategy within a retail banking environment.

 You can find more information about Steven at his Linked in profile page.


If you are looking for a speaker, see Steven's Keynote page for more information about how to spread the sales and service message to staff.

Community involvement

Steven has recently been involved in two community Boards including: 

Steven is also an active member of the Illawarra Business Chamber and NSW Business Chamber.