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You are not special, or deserving.

You are not special
You are not the best
You are not unfortunate
You are not jinxed.
A tornado has no favorites or enemies.
A sickness has no reason.
A stranger in the street is as invisible as the next.
We are how we act.

We are bought up to believe we are special.  Many are also raised to believe they deserve the best life can bring.

Unfortunately, mother nature is not so accommodating. Do you really believe that in nature, you are more special than your neighbor?  The moment you are born, are you more deserving than all the other babies in the world?

Within small communities, you are special and all communities protect their own.  To a community, you are more special than people in other communities. In a family, you are more special than people in other families.  In clubs, you are more special than people in other clubs.  However, in nature, you are no more special than anybody else.

You may hold a special place in someone’s heart, but you are not special.

When you walk down a street full of strangers you probably don’t consider one person to be more special than another.  To you they are just another person.

This is not meant to depress you, for you are more than an anonymous robot.  As a person, you have individual talents to do the greatest things possible.  You can truly change the world.   The only problem is, everyone else is equally qualified, and may be even more motivated.
In our work lives, the moment we are employed, we are anonymous.  We are protected and considered special only after we are accepted.  We become special through our actions.  We become special if we have (or learn) a unique skill.

To customers, a service representative is not special. At the Supermarket checkout or an airline check-in, you don’t go looking for the ‘special one’.  

The server only truly becomes special through their actions.  If they treat you well, perhaps you will seek them out in future.

Equally, your business is not special, but can have a special place in the customer’s heart and mind through its actions.

Stop running your business, career or you life as if you are entitled.  You are not special, but can hold a special place in people’s hearts through action.  So act.

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