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KLM Airlines - How to run a good company twitter account

I came across a company with a pretty good and growing Social Media presence on Twitter.  That company is KLM airlines.

Their Twitter account is refreshing because it ticks quite a few boxes from a Social Media perspective.


The Good:
1) They find customer who are talking about them.

@gabemac Welcome to Munich, did you have a good flight? Have a beer! RT On my way to Munich klm flight. :-)less than a minute ago via Tweetie

In this tweet you can see that the customer just made an innocent post to say they were on their way to Munich.  KLM picked it up and asked if they had a good flight.  If I were the customer, I'd be impressed.   
Wouldn't you?
2) They confront
They confront bad situations head-on

@kestero Can we be of any help? RT Wonders why KLM is so full of disappointments! (@KLM_UK)less than a minute ago via Tweetie

The customer vents their disappointment, and KLM come in to ask what happened.  It will be an interesting conversation to watch.

3) They don't over promote themselves
Many organisations cannot help but talk it up for themselves, or keep promoting their own products. KLM seem to be letting the customers do the promotion by finding positive tweets and reposting (RT) them.
4) They provide relevant information
Travellers want travel information.  What do your customers want?  Are you providing it like this?

We are happy to announce that the Irish airspace is open again since 2pm (Amsterdam time).less than a minute ago via web

Where they could improve
1) Social Media never sleeps
People outside your home state or country don't care about public holidays or working hours.  You have to always be there.


Tomorrow, on our national holiday May 5th, KLM is closed. We will check twitter incidentally. We’ll be happy to help you again on Thursday!less than a minute ago via web

2) The Website does not have links


The KLM website does not have direct links to Social Media.  I realise real estate is scarce on any homepage, but KLM don't even have it on their Customer Support page.
3) Missing Personalities


They say the site is hosted by two people called Jochem and Catharine but their personalities don't seem to come through.  They seem hidden.  If they are to be hidden, then hide their names, otherwise get them to use their names in the posts.
How does your organisation measure up to the KLM twitter account.  It is a very good start, and there are a few minor tweaks required, but overall, they are doing a great job. 

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