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One thing all premium retailers could do, but don't.

One of my clients is a worldwide Jeans clothing brand.  I asked at a recent workshop whether they ever took photos of their customers buying their high end aspirational jeans.  You know the answer.

Here's a simple idea.  Ask the customer for a photo and post it on your Facebook page and Pinterest.  You could even print all the photo's and put them on a Pride wall.  Here's what you'll gain.

Source: google.com via Chris on Pinterest


  • a customer who feels appreciated
  • a proud customer
  • a customer who will automatically link to their friends
  • Friends who want to get in on the act.
  • a bunch of people you can offer new promotions.
  • a customer who sees other people buying from the same store - social proof.

Social proof is a one of the most powerful tools of marketing.  If you see Thai people eating in a Thai restaurant, you have social proof that it's good.  If you see people lined up at a coffee shop you have social proof it's worth trying.  Most business proposals and sales letters contain testimonials, again social proof.

Start the process of getting social proof in your retail store with social media.

All it takes is a little effort.  Just a little.

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