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Customers can't give meaningful answers to meaningless questions.

You need to ask the right questions.

When interviewing for a waitress, your not going to need to know their IQ.

When auditioning for a dancer, you don't need to know about their high school math results.

Stock brokers aren't evaluated on their fitness levels.

So why do big companies continually evaluate service on the wrong metrics?

When you book an airline flight online, you probably want a good price and an easy to navigate website.  The website, price and brand 'are' the product.

Service is important when it comes to the checkin and flight, but not while your negotiating the website.  So why would an airline like Qantas ask the following question after making an online booking?

"How likely are you to recommend booking and managing your Qantas travel directly with Qantas to friends and collegues based on your recent experience?" Scale 1-10.

It's a ridiculous question because the booking process is such a small part of the service experience.  Can you imagine using an airline website and being so blown away that you would say the following?

"Hey Bill, next time you travel overseas you should book on Qantas.  Their website blew me away.  It so awesome" ....... What rubbish.

Companies continue to use Net Promoter Scores (like Qantas) in the wrong situations, because it's a) inexpensive, and b) not intrusive for the customer (hey it's only one question right?). Wrong.

If you want to limit survey to one question, perhaps ask a more pertnent questions; and rotate the questions.  Maybe ask something like these questions.

  • Rank how easy it was to make your booking online?
  • Based on your experience today, for a similar booking, how likely is it that you would book again online?
  • Do you feel you got a better deal booking with Qantas direct online?
  • Did you also get a quote from another website or travel agent for this booking?
  • Do you feel added security by booking on Qantas directly?

Customer Feedback measurement should be based on appropriate questions. The Qantas questionnaire got even less relevant when they asked a follow-up question:

"Why did you give the above score?"

How can a customer give a meaningful 'why' to a meaningless question?  Either the data collected will be unuseble and wasteful, or it will be used as the basis of bad decisions (even worse).

Are you asking useless questions of your customers?

See also: Should you use Net Promoter Scores?

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almost an idea?
No just another bullying name calling generalized condescending half thought from a sheep who was well schooled in a narrow train of thought and refuses to think for themsvelves or from a generation raised on Ritlin and incapable of thinking,
so they give excuses, used as reasons, like " It's never been tried ", "It's never happened before", " It's Illegal"," That will never happen" and grand prize goes to
"that's not what my Father told and he loves me so he wouldn't lie" Glass Cubicles

March 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterbroad@12

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