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Learning to sell from the developing world

I'm headed to Bali for a family vacation next week. Yay!

The only job I've been given is to arrange a driver. I contacted two personally recommended drivers and was stunned by their responses. Though their English wasn't the best, they still responded quickly and precisely.

For my Mystery Shopping clients, the callback process is one of the worst performing parts of their service, scoring only 36% in their call backs. In Bali (though a miniscule sample) the response is 2/2.

Here are the Balinese responses.

"Yes hello mr steven,

Thanks for your contack, if you need the small bus I give you good price just 135 u$ for one day, maybe for how many day's sir. You need car and driver?.. Pesan Asli"

The response came back within hours, despite us being in different time zones.

The other driver was only contactable by SMS, but similar response:

I run a mystery shopping company with clients who would love to see this kind of response. Why the difference?

Perhaps it's a few things:

  • The sale has a direct impact on income,
  • The drive know the importance of repeat business and recommendation,
  • Take good care of your high paying customers.

We could all learn from Gusti and Pesan

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