How to Double your Revenue in Three Years
Pre-Release Sale

I know it's not the greatest reason in the world to give away some great value, but the plain fact is... I need to fund the release of my Service to Sales Formula later this month. 

I also know a lot of people are subscribing to my articles and videos are craving for great information.

So I thought I'd pull the eBook out of the Service to Sales Formula being released later this month to give people a quick entry at low cost.

The eBook will walk you through a simple but unknown formula to calculate revenue.  It will also provide you with a formula to double your revenue in 3 years.  With those fundamentals covered, the book then reveals 75 strategies to help you get there.  Finally, it gives you a framework ti implement those strategies.  The whole formula is built on Customer Service viewed through the lense of hard numbers.

You basically get access to over $450 worth of stuff for $37.70.

This offer will end at 3pm this Thursday April 7, 2011.

Anyone who also buys my Service to Sales Formula later this month will be getting double the cost of the eBook refunded automatically as a special discount....  So you will make money off the eBook.

In addition to the eBook and the refund I'll be including:

·      My exclusive download called "30 management tips to help you automatically manage staff".

·      Another exclusive download called "8 ways to unwittingly sabotage sales and service".

·      Note - These 'exclusives' cannot be found online or anywhere else.

·      A simple way to help you conduct customer surveys.  I'm sure you do them - don't you?

·      A scary video called "12 Ways to save a doomed small business".  I hope you're not doomed, but these strategies will help you.

·      An mp3 interview about "Customer Service and Values" with Geoff Mc Donald.

·      Another audio recording on "How to Create Customer Service Culture" with Karynne Courts.

·      And one final mp3 interview about "The difference between customer service and customer experience" with Ivan Frangi.  Small businesses need to hear this interview which includes a simple and awesome example of an great service experience strategy.

·      Free access to one of my upcoming conference call Q&A sessions,

All this for $37.70 (ex GST for those in Australia).

I'm not doing this again.  The Service to Sales launch will be going out later in April, and I have a lot to prepare.

Offer ends Thursday THIS WEEK.

Oh and naturally, if you don't like what you've bought, then there is an unconditional, no questions asked guaranteed refund.