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Why do your customers 'really' leave

Why do customers really leave? 
Dan Kennedy - the "Sovereign of Sales Letters" thinks it not as obvious as we might think.  I'd tend to agree.
Customer leave for one of the following reasons:
  • 1% die. There’s not much we can do about this one.
  • 3% move. Offline, this is due to geography; online, it’s due to shifting interests. You must do all you can to hold the attention of your audience. Some loss is acceptable over time, but stay remarkable and you will minimize the losses.
  • 5% switch to something else due to a friend’s recommendation. There is no more valuable referral than that from a friend. Yet, if your customer is truly happy with your product or services, the odds of them leaving are slim.
  • 9% switch to a better product or service. The best way to fight this is to make sure your products, services, and offers are simply the best around.
  • 14% leave for general dissatisfaction. Again, it’s a good idea to trim the tribe, as you’re never going to please everyone. However, if a customer leaves, make sure you did everything within reason to keep them.

All together, those five reasons only add up to 32%. A staggering 68% of customer loss is due to indifference.

If I don't like a service, I don't argue, I don't make a scene, I don't tell them how to fix it.  I just don't go back.

Indifference kills loyalty.

Here are 3 simply ways to stay relevant.


  1. Don't wait for complaints, or compliments to act.
  2. Change it up - change the interaction in simple ways.  Give the customer small surprises (eg occasionally upgrade a frequent flyer to business class).
  3. Keep it the same  - Don't underestimate constant delivery.  Delivering exactly what the customer wants, every time, will help you stand out.



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