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The Myth of Teamwork

Do your job, do what the team expects, and the team will work at its best. Work at you relationships and the team will perform even better. That's the theory. But it encourages mediocrity. If you do your specific job, that's fine and average (but only average). Many people in teams refuse to stick their heads up and shine. Why? Because they don't want to stand out, or because they know the team will cover for them. After all - didn't someone say there is no 'I' in team? And that 1+1=3? Having played team sports all my life (including work), I know that team output is superior when each 'individual' is at their peak.

If you perform at your peak (and dig in), others will follow. If you perform average, team mates follow. Even if they don't follow, the opposition will ruthlessly exploit you as the weakness, or the hole created by the person covering you. A team is first and foremost a collection of individuals, and you have a responsibility to yourself, and to your team, every single moment. Don't expect the team to carry you. Take responsibility for yourself first. (From my blackberry - no video)

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