What is Service with Purpose? (with Video)

A transaction occurs when the needs and wants are met.  Great service happens when there is a meeting of minds.

Service with Purpose as a methodology, but also, as an attitude.

It is about understanding each separately, then what happens when they are combined.

Service is a matching process of stuff (needs and wants) as well as personalities.

The 'stuff' includes the widget, distribution, delivery and price.  These must be matched to the Customer's needs and wants.

After the offer is matched, the personalities must match.  The matching of personalities requires staff engagement, which ultimately results in customer engagement - and great Service with Purpose.



Service with Purpose from Steven Di Pietro on Vimeo.

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Vision V Ideas - How They Shape Service

I've been having lots of discussions lately about Ideas.  Who owns them?  Where does copyright fit in? How can they be monetized?

Then I read an article in the Harvard Business Review which expanded the conversation.

The article proposes that:

"Idea generation values a neophyte perspective; vision building is based on research and deep understanding. To generate fresh ideas we have been told to think outside of the box and then jump back in; vision building destroys the box and builds a new one. It does not play with the existing paradigms; it changes them."

The discussion gets more focused by arguing that idea generation has:

"lingered on variety and divergence, but vision building is based on convergence, on bringing others onboard.".

Ideas live within a Vision.  Ideas allow the Vision to be realised. It takes a Visionary to change the landscape, and that's the rare commodity.

As an example, improving Customer Service is not just about a new 'initiative', or a new program.  It's about Vision and convergence through Purpose.

If you don't know why your organisation exists, then how will your Staff and Customers?

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Stop Programming People to be People

As the founder of a Mystery Shopping Company, I see results from all sorts of organizations.

There is a new disturbing trend.

Organisations are programming people so much that the server forgets to listen to the customer.

In an effort to sell as much as possible, staff in high end Sales (Financial Services and Vehicles) are leaning more and more on their check sheets.  But this has problems:

1)      You don’t hear the customer

2)      You try to jam too much – all at once, thus confusing the customer

3)      You don’t serve the Customer’s needs, only your own.

If you ‘must’ complete a checklist, then:

1)      Tell the customer what it’s for,

2)      Memorise as much of it as you can, or have some hand written cheat notes beside you,

3)      Listen to the customer, not the form.

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New Facebook Business Fan Page

I've taken the step and started a Facebook Business Fan page called Service with Purpose.

The page will be for discussions about Service, Sales, Measurement of Service, and ultimately - changing behaviour for profit.

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The Dirty Dozen - 12 Problems with Mystery Shopping - and How to Fix Them

This short presentation shows the 12 common problems clients talk about with their Mystery Shopping programs.

12 Problems with Mystery Shopping - and Solutions (with Audio) from Steven Di Pietro on Vimeo.