Perform with Purpose – How to Achieve the Unachievable

This keynote provides the audience with an opportunity for personal reflection and planning for themselves and in their work environment.  Ultimately it helps participants clear the distractions so they can focus on their performance.

Often performance within organisations and from Individuals is stymied from not knowing the Meaning and Context of what they are doing.

Sure you can focus on the love, money, market leadership, or reward – but they are merley enablers to true meaning.

In this keynote, participants will learn:

  1. The difference between enablers and purpose
  2. The difference between purpose and goals,
  3. How to measure purpose,
  4. The three critical parts of using your purpose at work and home,
  5. How successful organisations and people use their purpose to succeed.


This keynote can be presented wither in a corporate setting to leaders, or as a personal development keynote to individuals.