This seminar will give you the big ideas, the big tools and some focused techniques you can remember any time, any day. It is tailored to the fast paced short attention span world of today.

You can expect to learn:

1. the different levels of service (beyond bad to good)

2. how to simulate service – learn from aircrash survivors

3. how to match your personality with your customer

4. how to effortlessly sell with service – serve to sell and sell to serve

5. about service and purpose – what you can learn from Google, Disney, Yahoo and Aldi.

6. the financial imact of poor staff and customer engagement

Although you can be equipped with the tools in two hours, this is not a quick fix. It requires practice and persistence, but after this seminar you will leave equipped with most of the tools you need to become a service guru.

Bonus: Understand where to get the Best Service in Australia, and understand where your suburb ranks out of over 32,000 separate service survey results.

Steven Di Pietro is the Executive Director of Service Integrity Mystery Shopping utilizing over 30,000 shoppers throughout Australia and New Zealand. The mystery shopping activity puts Steven in a unique position to understand what works, and does not work in Sales and Service. Steven knows where to find the best service in Australia and which parts of the service chain are most difficult for people to master.

“Service is my passion, it is what I am. I promise to give you the tools that matter and filter the rest. I talk to business leaders about service issues everyday. Sure everyone is different but the good news is there are patterns to the problems, and therefore patterns to the solutions” Steven Di Pietro

Who should attend:
The tools apply to front-line individuals as much as they apply to CEO’s of organisations.

  • front line staff,
  • support staff,
  • business leaders.

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