If your organisation has inadequate service levels, be careful not to jump into knee-jerk solutions such as training or incentive initiatives.  Likewise be careful not to tinker with Mission Statements, Strategies, Value Statements and Positioning.  These initiatives will fail to engage your customers and staff unless you have dealt with the bigger issue.

WHAT YOU ARE is more important than WHAT YOU DO

The cause of inadequate service is often an unclear purpose for being.  If an organisation is not clear about why it exists, then how will its customers and staff?  Fundamentally, an organisation must ask why it exists (purpose), examine how it interacts with the outside world (service), and then find that sweet spot where purpose and service meet.

Keynote Highlights

1.       Diagnose your current level of service.

2.       Distinguish between distractions and purpose.

3.       Understand the forces acting against you.

4.       Diagnose your current purpose.

5.       Smash through the ceiling to create more value.

Come learn what some of the most successful companies in the world such as Disney and Google are doing to create massive value.  See what the failures ‘were’ doing.

For Who?

The message is as relevant for a sole proprietor as for a multi-national organisation.